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3D Nutrition Pre Shock

R 410

*3D Nutrition Pre-Shock XT* This is the next dimension in preworkout formulations to help shock and amp your training sessions. *The Pump Matrix* Three key ingredients to promote vein popping muscle pumps during your lifting sessions. Increasing the ‘pump’ improves blood-flow to the muscles being trained to ‘feed’ them nutrient-rich blood for better recovery and gains. *Energy & Focus Matrix* Each serving of Pre-Shock XT provides a massive 300 mg of caffeine. This is approximately the same as 3 strong cups of coffee. Caffeine has long been used to increase energy and mental focus to boost workout performance. If you have never used a preworkout before we recommend starting with half a serving first to assess tolerance. *Vitamin Energy* This is one of the few preworkouts on the South African supplement market to utilise the power of vitamins to increase energy levels. B-complex vitamins play a crucial role in energy production within our bodies. Well done to 3D Nutrition for adding these energy boosting vitamins to their formulation. *40 True Servings* There are 40 servings as the recommended dose. Looking at the formulation most athletes and lifters will get a great performance boost by just using half a serving. Giving a product that lasts almost 3 months. Even at the full recommended serving this product offers fantastic value for money. 3D Nutrition Pre-Shock XT is a comprehensive preworkout drink offering athletes an increase in energy and mental focus for unforgettable workouts.

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